How to embed your Privacy Policy on your website

After generating your policies, you will be provided with an embed code. This embed code is inserted into the body of each of your policy pages. The embed code is what allows Termageddon to control what your policy webpages say, and gives Termageddon the ability to push updates to your policies when privacy laws change or new ones are added.


How to implement the embed code:

  1. Click the 'view embed code' link within a specific policy. 
  2. Click the purple 'copy' button to copy the embed code.
  3. Log into the backend of your website (for example, Wordpress websites offer a login at
  4. Add a page and title it "Privacy Policy" or "Terms of Service", etc
  5. You will need to insert the code into the body of your webpage.  Most website builder tools offer this via using a "HTML editor" feature. If you need help here, you can obviously contact us but may find it quickest to google search "Embed javascript into single (wix/squarespace/wordpress/etc) webpage". 
  6. Be sure to 'publish' your page and visit your newly created webpage in incognito mode to verify the policy loads!

For specific help here's a video for Wordpress and for Squarespace

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