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Do I need to do anything at renewal to move to Google Workspace?

If you wish to upgrade from G Suite Basic to Google Workspace Business Standard, or G Suite Business to Google Workspace Business Plus then you will need to reach out to us. We will also send you a reminder in plenty of time pror to your renewal. 

If you are not going to upgrade then you need do nothing, we will migrate your plan for you automatically. 

What is changing in Google Workspace

There is a big branding change, you can watch our update video to learn more about what is promised, and where we discuss the feature changes. 

How will this change affect me?

In most cases this won't affect you much at all. The users that will be affected are those who use lots of storage space on a G Suite business plan (> 2TB) and those who actively utilise Google Vault. 

When will this happen?

The plan changes will happen on your annual commitment renewal after November 2020. If you are on a flexible plan then you will be migrated on January 15 2021. 

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